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Regardless of your choice of color or size, we can provide you with the best range of diversified jute products available in Bangladesh.

Traditional-style looms are used to weave our Jute, and the weave can be tailored to suit your needs.

At all levels and phases of jute manufacture, the company enforces a higher degree of quality awareness and integrity.

Jute Bags

Hessian Jute Bag

Hessian sacks made in Bangladesh are better than those made in various parts of the world because Bangladesh’s organic jute is the strongest globally. These bags made from original jute are used to store things like coffee beans, cocoa, potatoes, onions, and more. Jute hessian bags can also be used to collect soil, sand, and clay, which are often used by the military. This is a good bag for product lines that are sensitive to moisture because the fabric is woven, which lets the contents breathe. Sandbags made of hessian can hold a lot of sand to keep water from getting into homes. They have been around for a long time and are the best way to protect against flooding. It is used by the horticulture and construction sectors to keep things from getting damaged by the cold, thus hessian fabric is used a lot. Because the jute fabric is biodegradable, it’s good for things that need to be recycled or degraded. Fabric can be used for a lot of different things in agriculture, like protecting seeds, landscaping, and controlling weeds. Also, it can be used for a wide range of textiles, like carpet padding and furniture padding.

Hessian Jute Bag

Jute Sacking Bag

These Jute bags, also called jute sacking bags, are mostly used to bundle rice, wheat, sugar and other bulky grains. They are also used to store things like coffee beans, cocoa beans, pepper, shelled nuts and more. It can usually fit a weight range of 50 to 100 kg in it. It’s great for hooks because it can be stacked so high that synthetic packages can’t even come close. Because it is very cheap, it is used a lot for transporting and storing grain. It is available in a form that doesn’t have hydrocarbons in it so that it doesn’t get into food made from plants. Amongst jute sacking bags manufacturers in Bangladesh, Monami Impex Ltd has been a leading jute bag supplier in Bangladesh for over a decade.


Standard Binola Jute Bag

Most of the time, such Standard Binola jute bags in Bangladesh are used to store African crops like coffee and cocoa. They are also used to store things like sesame seeds and gum arabic. Sorghum and millet are the main crops that people eat for food, but corn, wheat, and barley are also used. Jute sacking cloth bags, burlap Sack, Hessian sacks, or gunny sack bags are some of the Standard Binola Jute bags that are offered by Monami Impex Ltd. As an example, Binola Twill bags and other Twill Sacking Bags are L-Twill Jute bags, B-Twill bags, and A-Twill Jute bags, for example, DW Hop Bag, Light Cees Bag, Heavy Cees Bag, DW Nitrate Bag, DW Salt Bag, DW Flour Bag, and so on are examples of Double Warp bags. It has been used to pack a variety of agricultural goods, such as cocoa beans, cashew nuts, coffee beans, and peanuts. It has also been used to pack grains, maize, and wheat. If you are looking for a trusted jute bag supplier near you, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Sand Bag

Jute burlap sandbags can be used when rivers are about to overflow their banks, or if a levee or dike is broken. After an emergency, they can also be used to construct additional levees and other water-control structures on top of them. They could also be used for non-emergency situations. Jute sandbags are used by the military in bulk to make field fortifications and as a short-term way of protecting civilian structures. Because burlap and sand are cheap, large protective barriers could be built quickly and cheaply. Sandbags are good at dissipating explosive blasts because they have a lot of friction caused by moving soil as well as sand grains and small air gaps. Monami Impex Ltd. has been a trustworthy manufacturer of high-quality jute burlap sandbags and offers the best prices in Bangladesh.


Jute Fabrics

Natural Hessian/ Burlap Cloth

There are many different types of gunny sacks made out of natural hessian that are used to ship things like coffee beans and rooibos, but they aren’t the only type. It is breathable, so it doesn’t get wet and makes the contents go bad. When bulk burlap is shipped, it is also strong enough to handle bumps and bruises. The qualities of these natural burlaps also have led to their use as a temporary wet cover to keep cement and concrete from drying out quickly while setting. There are many different ways to use hessian/burlap, but it is also very common to use it as sandbags. Hessian bags are used to build temporary flood barriers or field fortifications. Hessian is also often used to move unprocessed “green” tobacco around a lot. In much the same way that coffee is made, this material can also be used for many of the same things. Because hessian is so strong, a burlap sack can last for up to three years in the tobacco industry and can hold up to 200 kg of tobacco.


Specification of Hessian Cloth

Specification of Jute Yarn by Monami Impex Ltd

Jute Yarn/Twine/Rope

There are many types of jute yarn. Craft, fashion, and display industries all have uses for jute twine, a vegetable fiber twine made from jute plants that are commonly used in the arts and crafts business. Jute twine can be used for a lot of different things, like making crafts, packaging, and wrapping. Jute yarn is used a lot in the carpet industry. The carpet industry has used different types of yarn, but jute is one of the best. This allowed the carpet industry to give its customers high-quality carpets at a good price, which is what most people want. As one of the top jute yarn exporters and manufacturers in Bangladesh, we can guarantee our customers that our yarn is high-quality, which is one of the most important things that every buyer or trader wants to make sure of before they buy it. However, there are a lot of manufacturers who say they can offer cheap jute yarn prices in Bangladesh but don’t meet international standards. Additional Information: Quality-CB, CRM, CRT 100% Tossa, Oil Content 2%.


Specification of Jute Yarn

Jute Geotextiles

Geo Jute & Jute Soil Saver

Many different types of jute are used to make Jute Geotextile (JGT). There are many different applications of jute geotextiles. Civil engineering, jute geotextile in road construction, controlling soil erosion, and the protection of river banks are some of the fields where they can be used. Geojute fabrics are used as soil stabilizers. Geotextiles are a type of technical textile that can be used to solve problems with soil in civil engineering. These will either be made of synthetic polymers, which are made from petroleum derivatives, or natural fibers, which are made from plants and other plants. Jute geotextiles have a lot of benefits: Low in cost when compared to synthetic Geotextiles. • The most important i.e. it is bio-degradable. • Good drainage properties. • Abundant in nature. • Flexibility. • High moisture absorbing capacity. To stop erosion, keep seeds in place, and keep soil from being lost, jute soil saver mesh consists of an organic, loose-woven jute mesh structure. If you want to encourage “natural revegetation,” like on sand dunes, this is the best thing for you to do. It can be used with jute sandbags, local twigs and brush to help keep soil and seeds from being washed away. As one of the top jute geotextile manufacturers, Monami Impex Ltd aspires to bring jute diversified products to regain the heritage of jute fiber in Bangladesh.


As one of the leading jute exporters, we at Monami Group aspire to bring the best jute products to the world to regain the heritage of the golden fiber of Bangladesh.

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