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We are Monami Group

Since 1982, we have been producing and exporting a wide variety of jute products. Our company produces a wide range of jute products dedicated to 100% export quality.

We are a family-owned business and a private limited company. Each year, we produce 20 million pieces of bags or equivalent fabrics.

As a well-known producer and exporter of a broad range of high-quality jute goods at cheap rates, Monami Group is a well-known brand in Bangladesh's jute business. Our company has been providing jute products to clients with excellence and integrity for over 40 years.

We hope to preserve our focus on customer service and quality control. Therefore, ensuring versatile golden fibers to customers throughout the globe.


Our Goals

Monami Group, one of the most reputable brands in Bangladesh's jute sector, is a well-known producer and dependable exporter of a broad range of high-quality jute products at reasonable costs.

We are a professionally managed family-owned business that has been providing an excellent range of organic jute products to our customers with transparency for over 40 years.

We wish to maintain our dedication to customer-oriented services and tight quality control so that we may offer our multifunction fibers to customers all over the globe.

Our eco-friendly, natural jute products have a zero-carbon impact and help the ecosystem preserve natural food resources in order to meet bio-safety standards.

Our Mission

Our objective is to provide a diverse range of high-quality jute products to fresh markets and areas across the globe, promote sustainable jute use, and elevate it to a prominent position on the worldwide market.

Jute Geotextiles: An Eco-Friendly Solution
Hessian Cotton Pack (4)

Our Vision

Our jute company envisions to guarantee that our jute solutions in agricultural packaging help to safeguard the world's environment from plastic waste.

We want to leave a better, plastic-free environment for future generations in terms of jute bio-degradability and sustainability.

Monami Group Timeline



Started business with Kohinoor Jute Mills Limited


Engaged with
Mahbub Corporation

Our prime financial investor during that era.


Creation of the brand name

Started as “Monami International Limited” along with our prime investors


Egyptian Market

Incorporation with Brig. Gen. Engineer Ahmed Khayrat


Indian Market

Incorporation with Seth Trading


The inception of
Behesti Export & Import

Specialized in natural and biodegradable Jute Bags for the Sudanese Market


Expansion with
mining and erosion control products for the
Australian Market

Being the sole distributor for the Australian Market for official jute products.


Birth of
Monami Impex Limited

Start of Monami Impex Limited under the sole leadership of Syed Jahangir Hossain, The Managing Director


Behesti Export & Import

“Behesti Export & Import” took off for the market


Introducing the
2nd Generation

The second generation of the family joined the business rank


Jute Apexed its Status

Jute is considered an agricultural product of Bangladesh


Another Glorious Achievement for
Jute in Bangladesh

Jute was declared the national agricultural product of Bangladesh.


Business Expansion

The commencement of two new sister concerns of Monami Group, namely “Fiber Alliance Bangladesh” & “Monami International”

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