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IN the State of Affairs Sensible World Today Known as the ‘golden fiber’ jute is one of the longest and most used natural fiberfor Exporting and Manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is producing the most excellent quality of jute and it is also the largest Jute producing country around the world due to its natural fertile soil. Quality of Bangladeshi jute is more superior than other around the world. On the other hand, Bangladesh is covering the major share by exporting & diversified jute products as per global demand. Numerous end-uses have been found for the golden fiber to meet the requirements of the connoisseurs.

Team Monami is one of the foremost exporting and manufacturing export team in Bangladesh.

We cordially serve various jute products on behalf of Bangladesh jute corporation and industries by earning foreign exchange to preface our economic stages.Moreover, our team immediately went into expansion by adding jute products under its amplification plan. But due to modification in the global economic scenario and closing down of the jute, our team acquired the opportunity to export and manufacturing jutefor generating jute products for the global platform. So we are trying our level best to affluent and touch our goal to be concern.

Monami team which is a renowned name in Bangladesh jute industry. our team always attempts heart and soul to flourish our economic circumstances and going to reach a respective position in jute industry over the world making our objective sensibly.

We would take this opportunity to humbly thank all the stakeholders involved in our operations for contributing to our success. We acknowledge the fact that without everybody’s support – Buyers, Employees, Banks & Insurers among others - this success would not have been possible.

Warmest Regards

Syed Jahangir Hossain

(Managing director)

Monami Impex Limited